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Ahmedabad Software Offers a complete portfolio of solutions to help you maximize your opportunities for acquiring, retaining and growing your customer base. We deliver procurement outsourcing to customers at every stage of the customer life-cycle, from acquisition to cross selling, from customer care to help desk.

We, in our off shore call center understand the crucial role that processes play in the personalized and effective delivery of our customer support services. We work closely with our clients to understand their processes and quality requirements in our off shore customer care call centers. This is followed by mapping processes, developing training content and implementing quality guidelines as specified by clients.


We effectively integrate inbound and outbound processes with total customer management through our full spectrum of business to business, and business to customer outbound and inbound application such as,

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Activation
  • Customer Retention
  • Cross-Selling/Up-Selling
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Services
  • Surveys and Polling


Ahmedabad Software as customer assistance center maximizes the value of a phone call to develop long-lasting customer relationship. Ahmedabad Software organizational systems are flexible to help today's program managers react quickly to changes within their programs and provide adequate customer support. Lead generation services involve State-of-the-art predictive dialers to provide the optimum number of outbound phone lines to workstations to maximize productivity along with customer satisfaction. To meet client's expectation through our delivery channels we use technologically advanced lead generation surveys. These include:

  • Multi-Branching
  • Logic-based Pop-up Screens
  • Choice Boxes
  • Scroll Bars
  • External Database lookup and Validation
  • Productivity and Results through Quality


At Ahmedabad Software, we ensure the accuracy, quality and delivery of our reports through our inbound services. Multilingual call center ensure efficient calling results on our outbound and inbound reports and can be customized as per clients needs. To ensure quality calling efforts along with call optimization, we have online as well as blind monitoring facility available for our clients in the form of offshore customer care.



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