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Building cost efficient custom software applications that will fit to your kind of business on time, without sacrificing quality. Taking advantage of current technologies that help in creating business tools, Syntactic develops software taking into consideration generally accepted organization procedures.


User Friendly: To operate this software, you need not appoint highly qualified computer specialists and pay them higher. Because it is user friendly, a person with minimum knowledge of computers can operate this software for you. Yes, if you already have computer specialists in your organization they can use this software more effectively. The system is fully menu driven to select the function.

Flexible: We give you lot of options to choose from. In ready made package you need to adjust yourself to the way the software is built. But we develop the software keeping your requirements in mind. So the software will be developed as per your requirements. The system will be highly parameter driven with little or no hard coding. This will ensure maximum level of flexibility for future expansion/modifications.

Single Point Data Capture: The system will always use the philosophy of single point data capture. The data will be capture at the point of generation of the document. By this, the duplication of work and chances of error can be avoided.

Decision Orientation:At every stage of the operation, system should focus the suggestions on which the concerned user can take appropriate decision.

High Level of Integrity:Data should be validate at entry level to provide high level of integrity.

Documentation:Documentation should be provided to operate and maintain the system smoothly.

Security of Data:User level Password facility to access the activity to protect the data within the system.

Cost-effective: One problem with readymade software is that they are too big, cost more, contain unnecessary details which you hardly need or use, and hence consume more of your computer's precious time and memory. Thus they don't fit in your work place. But our software will be developed depending on your requirement. So, this tailor-made software is easy for you to use, does not irk you with unnecessary details and‚ makes the best use of your precious computer processing time. You save in two ways-in terms of software cost and computer processing time.

The Organization is expanding the team of young, dynamic IT Professional.

Leveraging best in class people, processes, and technologies, Ahmedabad Software provides high-quality, high-value software development and business process outsourcing services to independent software vendors (ISVs) and enterprises.

Custom Base Software: We make the Changes in our standard software as per the requirement of the customer. So, the customer having the flexibility to ask us to change in the software to fulfill the needs of the organization.

" Every customer is a customer for ever.
This is ensured by the customer support services we offers. We provide consultative support such System Design and Implementation and System Integration. We put our effort to solve every problem of our customer in the fastest and best possible way.
If you are yet to take a decision you may read the following points giving features of the system:

Features of the System:

  • Fully menu driven- all options are displayed on the screen for you to choose from.
  • An easy to understand user's manual will be provided free of Cost to you!
  • On-line updating.
  • No duplication of data entry which means you need to enter the repeatedly used data only once!
  • Highly integrated type of reports.
  • Data check at entry level (validation).
  • Single/Multi-user environment.
  • Customization as per the business/Organization need.
  • Suitable for our Indian environment/business.
  • Password/ User Authority Facility.
  • User Training on site.
  • Data Integrity Check utility.
  • File Protection on data file.

We have Satisfied over 100 Clients in India.


  • Continuous value creation for our customer.
  • Total Customer satisfaction key to our vision.
  • The software you install today can brighten your future provided you choose a good software today.

  • Growth and Quality is way of life of any Organization.
  • After sales service in the real sense.

We satisfy our customer with extraordinary team work.


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